CRITIQUE (noun): “A written examination and judgment of a situation or of a person's work
or ideas.”

The hospitality industry is one driven by passion, hard work and dedication. The desire is
ultimately to serve, and satisfy one’s guests to the best of one’s ability.

By its nature, the industry is open to criticism – good and bad – from all those guests; even
more so with the advent of social media and websites like TripAdvisor.

While this feedback can at times be valuable or constructive, as unrestricted as it is, it does
throw the floor open to potential abuse.

Bianca Coleman, a professional journalist who has more than 20 years of experience as a
restaurant critic and travel writer, will offer her services as a consultant to provide
restaurateurs and hoteliers with her unique insight into what makes for an exceptional
encounter in these establishments, and how to avoid any pitfalls.

Even the best owner or manager can’t see everything all the time…

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